Mobile Sites

medical symbol on cellIs your internet marketing strategy making your practice the center of the conversation?

 Today, the internet is the gateway to the conversations that matter—among both healthcare professionals and consumers. More than half of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site—and 40% turn to a competitor if they have a bad mobile experience. This includes physicians!

When was the last time you got a marketing checkup for your practice?

If your site doesn’t look good or function properly on a smartphone or ipad/tablet, it won’t take long for patients to move on to one that does.  Not sure if mobile is important to your practice? Here are some reasons you could be missing the boat — and missing easy opportunities to attract new patients to your practice.

Mobile is where your patients look for you!

 Many of your patients probably use the mobile Web; if they don’t, it’s likely just a matter of time until they do.

  •  87 percent of smartphone users access the internet using their phones, and
  • Mobile Web usage has exploded over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing: it’s currently the fastest-growing source of internet traffic

 Mobile is how patients research — and make — buying decisions

  • 92 percent of smartphone users seek local information on their device
  • 89 percent have taken action after looking up local content
  • More significantly for your practice, 52 percent of smartphone owners have used their phones to search for health information

The mobile Web is where many of your patients are, and where they go to find and research your practice.

Whether you decide to use Medic Marketing, be sure to engage a professional who know and understands the difference between websites, landing pages and mobile sites.  Optimizing your website for mobile will help you best capitalize on the mobile Web as a tool for building and strengthening relationships with patients.

In selecting a partner to launch your internet marketing strategy & mobile site, make certain they understand on-the-go patient online behavior and leverage your existing online practice brand and social media channels to optimize the impact for your practice.  Complete our contact form and start the process for your practice’s FREE internet presence and marketing consult.