Marketing for Your Practice

Your expertise is being a clinician. Our expertise is being the marketing expert.


Get your phones ringing with new patients!

MedicMarketing Delivers!  To prove our worth, we will offer your established organization or practice a FREE Marketing Trial. Our marketers and web developers  will implement a marketing strategy specifically for your practice — FREE OF CHARGE!  No gimmicks, No hassles, No bombardment of emails or phone calls.

After the trial period, you simply either sign up as a client or choose  not to hire us to manage your online advertising.   It’s  just a simple yes or no –  based the results we deliver to your practice.  Click here to see recent practices that hired us from this free offer.

Our Marketing services are designed to work on any practice regardless of size. Whether you have  $25,000/year in annual revenue or $250,000,000 – our services will create actionable results by turning stale and tired marketing efforts into actionable profitability!

Marketing  Scoreboard

Our Marketing Services offers practice owners the ability to work with an expert company to explore, research, and test every viable method for driving your profits higher so that you can build your practice.  We demystify the web hyperbole for you while producing measurable results.

MedicMarketing helps practices make smarter business decisions with their marketing strategies. We use web analytics and direct sales data, we focus our clients’ marketing budgets on the highest performing traffic sources. We provide the kind of deep insights that are normally only accessible by large companies willing to invest in full-time data scientists and marketing experts.

METRICs provides lifetime value analysis.  Like all our service, our success comes from analyzing metrics that include profit, loss, sales, and  marketing, albeit traditional or digital. We’re all about finding the channels that are a great fit. Our metric products handle the analytics—we’ll analyze the lifetime value of all your patients, marketing channels and campaigns for healthy growth options in the new year.

The right marketing to help you execute a clear sustainable path to profitability…