About Us

Healthcare advertising is everywhere.

But it isn’t always effective. That’s because success in marketing  isn’t simply just  one thing.  Integrative marketing is  complex and requires engaging several components. It requires a plan for success.

Healthcare organizations — hospitals, physician groups, imaging centers, device makers and others — are in many ways similar to other businesses when it comes to advertising. When done right, it can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Attract new and different customers, patients, referrers, partners, etc.Medical-Office
  • Establish or revitalize your brand and  practice
  • Increase marketplace awareness of your brand and practice
  • Have actionable data  and metrics so you can grow your practice.

The trick, of course, is doing it right

… and remembering that medical providers have plenty of important differences from other types of  businesses.

 Helping Your Practice Achieve Your Goals

Our mission is to provide you with “best practices” marketing that helps you achieve your specific goals. We don’t measure our success by work that is simply cute or clever. Instead, we create and apply proven, effective and ethical marketing that produce quantifiable results. Our team is made up of Marketers, IT business professionals, APRNs, and associated healthcare practitioners.

To learn more about how we can help your healthcare business or practice attract more patients through intelligent, effective and ethical metrics and marketing, call 911 Medic Marketing at 610 624 3680.  For a Free Marketing Consult, please complete our questionnaire