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When it comes to your view patient’s view on locating a dentist, is your glass half empty or half full?  As we age, it becomes even more important to take good care of your teeth and dental health. If cared for properly, your teeth can last a lifetime.  Will patients looking for a dentist be able to locate your practice — easily?


Dental Practices using  MedicMarketing

Bala Cynwyd PeriodonticsMedicMarketing for healthcare professionals is our niche.   Clients have used us for many years and depend on our expertise to bring new patients to their practices, nationwide.   We are consistent in our approach to managing internet dental marketing campaigns, new patient leads. We know that the average value of a new patient at a typical dental practice can run over $1,400 in the first nine months.

Do you factor the cost of new patient acquisition and ROI into your marketing plan?

Our marketing experience allows practice owners to begin to be aware of the success of their campaigns. We track incoming phone calls to the office, generate reviews and testimonials.  Our dental practices always  know what they are getting from their marketing investment.

We believe our past success indicates that our campaigns are successful for practices. However, new clients can start with a FREE  trial  to help them feel as confident as we do about the services we provide.   We minimize your risk by letting you see the value of our marketing expertise, for a limited time —  FREE of  charge.

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